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Don't Quit

Being a business owner requires a lot of dedication and motivation especially in the beginning. Sometimes it is hard to keep motivated when you are in the building phase of a new business due to the emotional and financial up and downs that may occur. We are currently in the building phase of both of our businesses which requires a lot of time and hard work. To keep focused we have a few quotes we have adopted to keep our eyes on our goal. 

“Build something that outlives you.”

One of the reasons we decided to become entrepreneurs was to build a legacy to instill within our children and community. Of course we want to pass along businesses to our children but we also want them to know they can achieve anything with hard work.  Building a legacy within our community is also extremely important to us because helping others was the driving factor for us becoming realtors. Helping others who feel they can’t become home owners or those who have never even thought about purchasing a home brings us pride and joy to be in the real estate profession.


“On a team, it's not the strength of the individual players, but it is the strength of the unit and how they all function together.”

Being on a team can sometimes be hard work especially in the beginning when you are learning each other’s work habits and business personality. However, it is important to get on the same page as your teammate and learn to think as a team while also playing upon each other’s strengths. If you cannot do this your team will most likely not last or grow.  

“If you don’t learn how to get paid in your sleep you will work until you die.”

Another driving force behind our business goals is to establish passive income. We know you all know or have heard of an elderly person who has had to go back to work after retirement due to their fixed income not meeting the raising cost of living. This is an important reason to diversify your streams of income now and find passive income. It cannot only help you out now but also in the future. We personally do not want to have to actively work within all of our businesses for the rest of our lives in order to survive so our goal is to have the option to retire comfortably while still having streams of passive income coming in. 

“Don’t decrease the goal, increase the effort.”

 One major lesson we have learned is to be flexible with our approach but hold steadfast to our goal. This means don’t give up on your goal just try switching up your strategy and increasing the amount of effort you are exerting until you hit your objective. 

 We hope you have found new inspiration to get you through the hard times of entrepreneurship and if you have your own quotes that inspire you and may motivate others please post them below. 

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