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Goals on Top of Goals

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

We recently hosted our first vision board party this past week and it was a blast! It is our desire to have many more networking events like this going forward. It was nice to be around other supportive goal-oriented women, from various backgrounds. We filled our bellies and shared our 2019 goals over wine. There was plenty of storytelling and laughter to go around. One of the most interesting aspects of the party was how everyone had different approaches to their vision board and how one person’s perception of a picture, phrase or word could be totally different than another’s. Some of our attendees’ goals included purchasing a home and traveling, while others want to start a business. Regardless of the differences in aspirations, everyone expressed a passion to achieve those goals in 2019. Personally, some of our goals for the new year are to build up and build on to our businesses, become more organized, and to volunteer more in the community. If you haven’t thought about your goals for the new year it is not too late! You still have time to make your own vision board to encourage you throughout the year. There are many benefits of vision boards such as they help you clarify your dreams and increase your desire for success. What are some of your goals for 2019? Have you created a vision board or are you planning on creating one?

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