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The Tour Hair Expo 2019

A couple of Sundays ago we had a vendor booth at The Tour Hair Expo in Mobile, AL. This is the second year in a row that we've participated in this expo, and it was not a disappointment. We met a ton of new up and coming stylists from across the Gulf Coast which was fantastic for networking and getting the BASiC Hair Care brand name out there. The weeks and days leading up to preparing for an expo or trade show included a ton of planning to ensure the day was executed without a hitch. Usually, after we book our booth, we decide whether we will have a hair model there to provide a live demonstration of a spotlight product system, quantities of each product we will bring, product specials, the decor of the booth, and raffle prizes we will give away.

If we decide to have a model, we do a model call on social media. The model who participates receives free products and a free hairstyle, styled by our stylist educator. In this case, we decided not to have a model since the expo was going to take place at a new venue and we did not have a lot of feedback regarding the layout. Instead, we chose to go with a slideshow showcasing styles created by our talented clients throughout the Gulf Coast. This marketing technique has proven to be an attention grabber from day one. It prompts customers to ask questions regarding the product line as well showcase the model’s hair progression leading to the finished style. Another reason we love to showcase our clients’ work is because it is free advertisement for their business and craft. Our clients are very important to us and we love to find ways to collaborate with them.

After we reached the decision not to have a model for this event, we then created our product specials for the day. For this year’s Tour Hair Expo, we decided to create specials centered around our bestselling products from last year’s expo and we added deals on our refill sized products. After the expo started, we soon learned the attendee demographics were a lot different this year which resulted in changes in the product purchases. But fear not, we came prepared! We brought along a little of everything just for this occasion. This was also part of our reasoning for keeping the decor simple this time around as opposed to last year’s decor which was Mardi Gras themed. We wanted to ensure we could fit as much product on the table as possible! Between our slideshow, specials, raffles containing free products and our team’s go getter attitude, we had a pretty consistent flow of traffic to our booth which was great and led to decent sales for the day.

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