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Meet Taneisha
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Welcome, I'm Taneisha!

I'm thirty-six years old. I'm a business owner, a wife, and mother to two little girls, 7& 8 years old. Before making the leap to become a business owner, I worked in strategy at a call center as a dialer manager of a few campaigns. The work environment was hostile and stressful in the months leading up to my decision to resign. On top of this, I found out I was pregnant again after a devastating miscarriage, so the decision to part ways was that much easier.


working at home part time, i tried out a few different business ideas based on my love to create. while they were all great ideas, they just didn't fulfill my need to get back out and interact with people. in 2015, through the encouragement of my husband's cousin, i opened National's Best Tax and Financial Group. This makes my seventh year in business.


In 2017, I spoke with another of my husband's cousins about the hair product distribution business she was retiring from. After a lot of research, phone calls, and asking for advice from local stylist on which brands were in demand,  Aliere Distribution came to fruition.


A year later, I decided to also obtain my  real estate license with the intent to begin my journey in rehabbing homes and acquiring rental properties. However, After learning so much about the home buying process and becoming aware of all of the ins and outs of the players involved in this process, i developed a true love for real estate. not only this, I've developed a passion for helping those particular individuals who feel like owning a home is not obtainable for them or too complicated of a process. So what started out as a step in a business venture grew into something so much more important to me.  

Realistically, being an entrepreneur takes substantially more work than simply working a 9-5.  even more importantly, the faith vs work ratio is  4:1, but i would not do it any other way. I know that ultimately all of the work that I am putting in is to shape a legacy for my children and hopefully i'm inspiring others to shape their legacies too.

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