Meet Terren
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Hi everyone, I’m Terren!  


I’m a thirty-year-old wife and mother of a very independent three year old girly girl, with a baby boy on the way. For over nine years, I worked in the insurance industry before I decided to take a leap and become a business owner.


There were several deciding factors that led to me quitting a job that I had known most of my adult life. One of the biggest reasons was the fact that most of the year I had to work six to seven days and almost 70 hours per week. To say the least, the work schedule was brutal. The pay was pretty good. however, after welcoming my daughter in 2015 and experiencing a traumatic birth, I began to crave a work-life balance. I had always pictured myself being a very hands on mother and I felt I was missing out on so much due to work. In addition to having all those feelings, my daughter's primary caretaker, who watched my daughter during the day while my husband & I worked, was facing a major surgery. Since my daughter had not even turned two, my husband and I did not feel comfortable enrolling her in daycare.


While we were debating what we were going to do, my friend Taneisha presented me with an opportunity to start a business together distributing hair products to salons, spas and barbershops in our area. After a lot of contemplation, prayers, self-reflection and support from my husband, I took the leap and quit my job.


I will be honest it has not been an easy journey, going from a steady set income to being self-employed has taught me a lot about myself and I have grown as a businesswoman, mother, and wife. My journey so far has also helped me to determine my “why”, which is to teach my children the importance of hard work and that they can do anything they put their minds to with consistent effort. I also want to build a lifestyle in which I can control my time, income, creativity, and have a legacy to pass down to my kids.

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